Dual Sequential Switch
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Bidirectional sequential switches for audio and CV

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The DSS is intended as a companion for the Buchla 245/246 sequencers or other "quad" modules in the Buchla world such as the 281 and 292.

The main I/O is bidirectional, meaning that the module works as a 4:1 multiplexer or a 1:4 demultiplexer. Any four sources can be patched to the four I/O inputs and routed to the main I/O, with just one source being active at any given time. Conversely any single source patched to the main I/O jack can be redistributed to four different destinations.

Every aspect of the switching schema is exposed on the front panel, and every parameter can be modified with external CV, making this one of the most fully-featured sequential switches available. Each section has its own independent sequence length (from 1 to 4 steps), and a Sync pulse output triggers with each length change so that external modules can be informed of local state changes modifications. Clocked switching can advance forwards, backwards, forwards then backwards (pendulum), or at random.

Tech Specs

  • Two 4:1 or 1:4 sequential switches
  • VC of all parameters
  • VC stage addressing via pulse or variable CV inputs
  • Variable sequence length (1-4 steps)
  • Variable mode (forward, reverse, pendulum, random
  • Extensive pulse I/O for synchronicity with external modules
  • Sync output tracks changes to sequence length