Stereo Microsound Processor

Granular synthesis for 4U systems.

Based on Clouds by Mutable Instruments, the SMP is a realtime granular synthesis processor that expands significantly on the original. Dedicated controls for previously hidden functions, additional CV inputs with inverting attenuators, easier access to preset recall and sampling settings, and increased control over output gain make this one of the most full-featured hardware granular processors available. It's a powerful addition to any Buchla-format system, offering a form of digital signal processing not previously available in this format.

Quick Reference

Most functions of the SMP are similar to the original Clouds so please review the Clouds user manual for a technical description of the available parameters. However there are a few interaction differences, which are described below.

Change DSP Mode: Like Clouds, the SMP offers four separate DSP modes: Granular, Pitch Shift / Time Stretch, Looping Delay, and Spectral Processor. To change the DSP mode, hold the TIME switch for a few seconds, then select one of the four modes (the LEDs are in the same order as the Clouds modes). See this page for more info on each mode.

Save Preset: Four audio buffers can be saved to the internal memory banks and recalled later as presets. Hold the BANK button to begin the save process. The BANK LEDs will start to blink. Tap BANK to select which slot the current audio buffer will be saved into and hold BANK again to save. To cancel without saving, simply wait five seconds after the last interaction and the save process will exit automatically.

Quick Reload: This shortcut allows you to reload a saved preset without cycling through the other three banks. Just hold the GRAIN switch and tap the BANK switch at the same time. This avoids interruptions in the audio stream which would otherwise be created by loading the other banks in series.